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How It All Began...


A couple of years ago I started a Facebook page called Mom Funnies. When I began, it was pretty basic with me just posting very simple jokes that I would just write on the fly. As the years went by, it has now changed and grown into personal memes and videos. Whatever I do seems to resonate because my following kept growing from the beginning and after a couple years has over 100k following.

Our TV Show


After eating radioactive chocolate, Audrey manifests certain supermom abilities such as seeing in the back of her head and supersonic hearing. Her powers lead her to discover her children’s nefarious plot to have unlimited screen time on ipads, tablets and cell phones. As Audrey’s abilities are exaggerated traits of a mother, her friends begin to question her sanity.


Sasha "The Villain Mastermind"

Sasha is the brains of the operation, leading and massive number of kids in her mission to create a small time loop machine. She masterfully organizes the kids, and keeps all their parents in the dark. When Audrey, her own mother, discovers her plot, Sasha has to find new ways to keep the project from failing 

Audrey "The Mom Superhero"


Motherhood The hardest job you will ever love! 

Audrey, the mom superhero and the main character, cares and loves her mischievous daughters. She doesn’t want to believe her daughters are jerks bent on world domination. She spends a majority of her time cooking, cleaning and trying to raise decent human beings. 

Josie "The Villain Enforcer"


As a girl of few words, Josie acts as Sasha’s right hand. If success is critical, you send Josie. While she isn’t always affectionate with her mother, Audrey, her actions shows that she cares deeply for her, even while on opposite sides of the conflict.

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